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This is my site and i'm the guy that made it! of course!


Home Page: It's got some stuff in it such as a couple of quotes which sound smart and something random and funny. *UPDATED REGULARLY*

About Page: Tells you what this site is about.

Photo Page: Pics and gifs are shoved in that page.*UPDATED REGULARLY* 

What's New Page: Tells you what's new and has a few jokes in it here and there. *UPDATED REGULARLY*

Favourite Links: Contains whole shitload of websites i go to commonly.



          -Homer Simpson

This site's go the works 'n stuff I find interesting so yeah Check it out. WICKED! So here is what's in it:

A whole load of funny shit: pics, gif files if possible plus a bit of info on everything 2D for fighting games thatare new like anything cool from SNK, Capcom, Sammy and (3D) Namco and stuff beyond the gaming.


That's My Team!

I have several teams for various fighting games and you'll know it's me coz you'd get your ass kicked BIGIME! These are my teams for the games I play:

KOF 2003: Benimaru Nikaido, Shen Woo And Billy Kane (may use Ryuji Yamazaki)

KOF 2001: Benimaru Nikaido, Heidern (YEAH BABY YEAH!), Terry Bogard And K9999

Street Fighter: Alpha 3: M. Bison ( if i wanna be cheap i use Rolento Schugerg)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike: Alex or Ryu/Ken/Akuma (one of those karate guys)

Street Fighter: EX2/EX2+/EX3: M. Bison Or V. Rosso 

Guilty Gear XX/XXReload: Axl Low 

Tekken 4: Yoshimitsu or Paul

Tekken Tag Tournament: Yoshimitsu And Paul

Maarvel Vs Capcom 2: M. Bison, Captain Commando And Jin

Capcom Vs SNK 2: Benimaru Nikaido And M.Bison (if i wanna be cheap I add Rolento Schugerg)

Footy: Canberra Raiders, North Queensland Cowboys And N.Z Warriors

Add: Getting Rich Quick From My Site!

(Read Above)  I can't because its free! What idiots!

RanDUMB Shit

I made this one up. this aint any rip-off.


Pretty cool eh! Spread this site around. If you know someone who would like this site TELL THEM!